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A Swiss domicile is the step on the ladder for your company in Switzerland.

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Make the most of Switzerland as a location

There are plenty of arguments which plead in favour of having a Swiss company, namely stability, security and fair levels of taxation. Sielva Management SA is a specialist company which handles Swiss subsidiaries, holding companies, branch offices and domiciles for International businesses.

"Made in Switzerland" – a claim that resonates around the world

Our country, situated at the heart of Europe, offers a stable economic and political environment as well as financially attractive conditions and last but by no means least an excellent reputation.

What makes companies settle in Switzerland?

International businesses often have activities, services and assets which are not limited by national borders. You should be relatively free to choose the place of your services or your asset managers, and for companies like these, Switzerland is an ideal location. Be it an online shop which sells worldwide, a trading group from an economically unstable country or a crude oil producer in international waters, there are plenty of scenarios which make Switzerland the perfect "safe haven".

Would you like to «naturalise» your company or clients in Switzerland?

Sielva Management SA, with its headquarters in the fiscally attractive city of Zug, has been managing and administrating Swiss businesses, subsidiaries, branch offices and domiciles in a professional and reliable way – for over 35 years.